SuiteCRM <= 7.11.11 (action_saveHTMLField) Bean Manipulation Vulnerability

• Software Link:

• Affected Versions:

Version 7.11.11 and prior versions.

• Vulnerability Description:

The vulnerability exists because the “HomeController::action_saveHTMLField()” method allows to create new beans or modify arbitrary beans’ fields. This can result in second-order SQL Injections or PHP Object Injection attacks.

• Solution:

No official solution is currently available.

• Disclosure Timeline:

[19/09/2019] – Vendor notified
[20/09/2019] – Vendor acknowledgement
[12/11/2019] – Vendor contacted again asking for updates, no response
[20/01/2020] – Vendor notified about public disclosure intention, no response
[07/02/2020] – CVE number assigned
[12/02/2020] – Public disclosure

• CVE Reference:

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (
has assigned the name CVE-2020-8802 to this vulnerability.

• Credits:

Vulnerability discovered by Egidio Romano.