SugarCRM <= 6.5.18 (MySugar::addDashlet) Insecure fopen() Usage Vulnerability

• Affected Versions:

Version 6.5.18 CE and other versions.

• Vulnerability Description:

The vulnerable code is located within the MySugar::addDashlet() method:

89if (isset($_REQUEST['type']) && $_REQUEST['type'] == 'web') {
90  $dashlet_module = 'Home';
91  require_once('include/Dashlets/DashletRssFeedTitle.php');
92  $options['url'] = $_REQUEST['type_module'];
93  $webDashlet = new DashletRssFeedTitle($options['url']);
94  $options['title'] = $webDashlet->generateTitle();

User input passed through the “type_module” request parameter isn’t properly sanitized before being used to instantiate a new DashletRssFeedTitle object, and this could be exploited to carry out certain attacks because of the DashletRssFeedTitle::readFeed() method (user input passed directly to the fopen() PHP function):

71public function readFeed() {
72    if ($this->url) {
73        $fileOpen = @fopen($this->url, 'r');
74        if ($fileOpen) {
75            $this->fileOpen = true;
76            $this->contents = fread($fileOpen, $this->readBytes);
77            fclose($fileOpen);
78            return true;
79        }

This can be exploited by authenticated attackers to carry out Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) attacks, potentially read content of arbitrary files, initiate a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack, or execute arbitrary OS commands when the “expect” extension is installed through the following URL:


• Solution:

Update to version 6.5.19 CE or higher to partially mitigate the vulnerability.

No official solution is currently available against the SSRF and XSS attack vectors.

• Disclosure Timeline:

[15/10/2014] – Vendor notified

[15/12/2014] – Version 6.5.19 CE released:

[29/04/2015] – CVE number requested

[23/02/2016] – Public disclosure

• CVE Reference:

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( has not assigned a CVE identifier for this vulnerability.

• Credits:

Vulnerability discovered by Egidio Romano.